Miss CA International 2017


Oh my goodness —–I am so honored to be the co-host of the Miss & Teen California International 2017┬ápageant this weekend! Holy moly.

As I am looking over the schedule before I head to LA, I am keeping all these girls in my thoughts and prayers. The few days leading up to the pageant can be so nerve racking to say the least. Final preparation is coming to an end and bags are beginning to get packed for the trip. My hope is that all these ladies have a sense of calm come over them as soon as orientation begins. At that point, they will be as prepared as they will ever be and I hope they take that time to listen to all the powerful platforms in the room. I remember being absolutely blown away by the incredible journey each woman took in order to land their local Texas title. I know at the end of the day the goal is to get the crown, but if anything I hope one thought sticks in each mind – Whatever is meant to be, will be. This quote gave me peace of mind during one of the best weekends of my life.


Good luck ladies! See you on stage!


Miss Texas International 2017 and your host

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