Kourtney Kringle

This morning I want everyone to change their perspective. With social media and all the advertisements about expensive gifts this time of year, it’s so easy to feel like everyone else has everything and we don’t. A good friend of mine always said ” It’s never as GOOD as it seems and never as BAD as it seems.” So when you see a post about your friend getting a Bentley and three puppies for Christmas BE HAPPY FOR HER/HIM, but remember no one’s life is perfect and there are things you aren’t seeing. She could be struggling with circumstances you’ll never know about. On the other side, when you’ve got a family like mine who is overcoming struggles from challenges in the past and don’t have a Bentley and three puppies to place under the tree remember— it’s never as bad as it seems! I am grateful that I have my whole family to share a dinner with. Flashback to a few years ago in college and I was homeless without any family to share a Christmas dinner with. Talk about a rough holiday season! I was lucky enough to have a friend’s family take me in though, so no worries. JUST REMEMBER– Find joy in the little things because those little things to you may be everything another human could ever ask for. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays! xoxo, Kourtney Kringle

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