Work Ethic

I dedicate this blog to work ethic. I was graced with some variation of the stomach bug after traveling for work and a wedding this past weeek. Such a first world problem, but I can’t express how easy it would be to just lay in bed all day. However, I’ve decided to tackle my duties for the day.


I survived one productive meeting this morning and wrote down all notes just in case I was sidetracked by the nausea, so I have reference when I look back on the hour spent. Unfortunately for the other party in the room, my energy level didn’t allow for makeup and hair this morning, so she got to partake in a very “Organic Kourtney” as I’ll call it. I’m booked later this afternoon, so I am hoping for the best.

My main message today is this — you are going to have hurdles in life, but this is where you separate yourself from the rest in how you ACT and not REACT. You have the freedom and the power to control your attitude. Make it a good day and conquer your tasks the best you can. You might be super organic looking and a little nauseous, but you can do it! Tomorrow is a new day, so keep pushing through.

All my best,

Organic Kourtney

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