For some reason, October has been the month of drastic changes in my life. Some have me over the moon excited and others have made me tear up. Moving, relationship changes, and health issues all seem so intimidating and daunting when you are experiencing them. I have a cheesy way of helping out with the transition whatever it may be you are going through—-it’s called the God Box. You may call it whatever you would like for any higher power you believe in. If you don’t have a higher power, feel free it give it any name in the world. Up to you!

How my God Box Works:

  1. Find an old shoe box. Write the name in bold on top.
  2. Have paper and pen handy.
  3. Any topic that is on your brain consistently that is causing worry, fear or stress–write it down!
  4. Read it to yourself. Think about it. Fold the paper. Drop it in the Box.
  5. Now let it go. Give this issue on this piece of paper to your God Box. It’s not your responsibility to carry it inside of you any longer.

I always place the date on my tiny papers in the God Box. It is almost amusing to look back after time has passed to see what had me so worried and bothered. Remember, whatever you are facing today may seem daunting, but always remember you aren’t alone and time heals all.


All my best,


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